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Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to find out answers to questions you might have for us.

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Let us know you dropped by and sign the guest book.

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Mystic Moon

Residing Horses

Mystic Moon is home to our Saddlebreds, National Show Horses, Morgans, Morabs and other breeds suitable for saddleseat type disciplines.

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Sub-boards: Morgan Mares, Morab Mares, Saddlebreds Mares, National Show Horse, Other Gaited Breed Mares, Morgan Stallions, Morab Stallions, Saddlebred Stallions, National Show Horse Stallions, Other Gaited Stallions, youngstock

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Mystic Light


Mystic Light is home to our Arabians. The predominant breed types we focus on are, Russian, Spanish, Polish with a smattering of Domestic.

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Sub-boards: Pintabians, Stallions, Mares, youngstock

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Mystic Shadow


Mystic Shadow is home to our Quarter Horses, Paints and Appaloosas and Mustangs showing in either English or Western disciplines.

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Sub-boards: Stallions, Mares, Youngstock, Our Mustangs

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Mystic Aire


Mystic Aire is home to our Baroque/Iberian Division. Here you will find Friesians, Lipizzans, Warlanders, Andalusians, etc.

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Sub-boards: Stallions, Mares, Youngstock

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Mystic Fyre


Mystic Fyre is home to our warmblood program for Sport horse classes.

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Sub-boards: Stallions, Mares, Youngstock

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Mystic Breeze


Mystic Breeze is home to our Thoroughbreds & Anglo Arabs that compete in Dressage, Hunters, Eventing or Combined Driving.

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Sub-boards: Stallions, Mares, Youngstock

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Mystic Illusion

Residing Ponies

Mystic Illusion is home to our Pony Division. Anything from Hackneys to Quarter Ponys to Sport Ponies in various disciplines.

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Sub-boards: Pony Mares, Pony Stallions, Youngstock

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Mystic Twilight


Mystic Twilight is home to all of our stock that have retired from the showing or racing arenas and are the backbone of our breeding program.

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Sub-boards: Retired Show Stallions, Retired Racing Stallions, Retired Endurance Mares, Warmblood Broodmares, Thoroughbred Broodmares, Gaited Broodmares, Arabian Broodmares, Stock broodmares, Baroque Mares, Pony Broodmares, Broodmares, Surrogate Mares

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Breeding info/sales

Breeding Info

Click here for breeding info to our stallions and our breeding contract.

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Request a Breeding

Click here to request a breeding or a foal by us :)

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Sub-board: Completed Breedings

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For Sale

Here you'll find horses for sale that we have up for grabs.

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Sold Horses

Here you can see horses we've sold and where they've gone to.

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Sub-boards: Horses to be Reclaimed, Pages of those we've sold

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Anairë Kennels

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Race results

Click here to see Race Results by year.

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Sub-boards: Past Records by Year, AJC Records, 2005 and previous years

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eganslick: do you have a picture of Mystic Aire to share as she is in my horses pedigree and I am doing a picture pedigree of him. Sept 17, 2020 14:22:19 GMT -5
eganslick: do you have a picture of Mystic Aire you could share Sept 17, 2020 14:22:54 GMT -5